The topic at hand is… What’s your favorite fat daddy has been song and why?


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  1. Peace, this is Marchitect from Fat Daddy Has Been. I have to answer this one.. I would have to say that from the first album I like One Down, and ofcourse 12 oclock… On the second album I have to go with Steal My heart, and Poor Girl… and Finally third album… the whole thing…lol 🙂

  2. joe bryant says:

    hows it goin marcus? its joe from the show at the santa loop on saturday u told me to hit u up about your show at the queen and i definitly wanna go but im broke so if yall coulkd hook me up it would be greatly appriciated i love yall and id love another chance 2 c yall again so please get back at me homie and keep ya hater shades on lol… joe b. I honestly have not heard any of your albums but i have seen u guys twice and my 2 favorite songs so far are beer goggles and hater shades

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