Fat Daddy Has Been is 7 musicians (drums, bass, guitar, a three piece horn section), and vocalist Marcus “Marchitect” Watkins. The group is a popular draw in the Philadelphia area, and recently released their third independent album Cannot Kill My Music. In the 6 years, that the band has been touring and releasing independent albums. The group has been voted Best Band, Best Recording, Best Front man and Best Hip-Hop Band (Out and About magazine, Spark Magazine, and The News Journal, Delaware Music Awards) in their local market (Delaware, Philadelphia, South Jersey). Fat Daddy Has Been earned a reputation for an amazing live show and is booked regularly by promoters such as Live Nation.

The name comes from the fact that all of Fat Daddy Has Been’s members are musicians who have released their own music in the past. Most notably front man “Marchitect’ is a member of the successful hip hop group The 49ers, a group that has been on 6 million records sold in Japan, and recently enjoyed an I tunes #1 Hip-Hop song. Fat Daddy Has Beens works, are a mash up of musical genres, which blend effortlessly underneath Marchitect’s smooth voice and lyrics. The group’s horn section helps define, their sound and sets them apart from most bands in popular music today. This new sound is illustrated on their latest album, which features appearances from Dice Raw (The Roots), and The Last Emperor. After cutting their teeth on the live club scene at places like The Knitting Factory (NYC) and The Khyber (Philadelphia), Fat Daddy Has Been has taken that experience, and molded it into an album, that touches many demographics, in different markets world wide.

While remaining independent, the collective’s music has been in rotation on major-market commercial radio stations, including 93.7 WSTW, Wilmington, DE and 103.9 WOCQ, Salisbury, MD. All three of the band’s albums (Self-Titled Debut,Who Wants Seconds and Cannot Kill My Music) are available for sale at popular retailers like Amazon.com, and the Apple iTunes store.

Awards earned include:

*2011- Best  Horn Section -WSTW 93.7

*2011- Best Hip-Hop Song (Summer Smile)- WSTW 93.7

*2011 Best Rapper (Marchitect)- WSTW 93.7

*2011 Best Live Act- WSTW 93.7

* 2009 Best hip hip group – WSTW 93.7

* Out & About Magazine 2008 Music Awards:

* Best Recording: Fat Daddy Has Been, Who Wants Seconds

* Best Frontman: Marchitect, Fat Daddy Has Been

* Voted Best Alternative Band by Delaware Industry at the Delaware Music Awards, Dewey Beach DE, 2007 and 2008.

* Winner of the Love & Action Battle of the Bands, Grape Street Pub, Manayunk, PA, 2006.

* Winner of Kelly’s Logan House Thursday Night Nightlife, Wilmington, DE, 2005.

* Winner of The Spark Magazine Summer Series 2005.


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