Fat Daddy Has Been will be performing Tuesday Aug 23, 2011 @ The Jamhouse, an event thats the talk of the town in The Philadelphia area. Created by Dice Raw (Raw Life entertainment) and friends, the event features up and coming as well as established talent from The Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Dice Raw will be headlining, and check out Fat Daddy Has Been @9:00pm.The Event takes place at Jc Dobbs (304 South Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 19147)

Check Out The Line up for AUG. 23rd!

The Lineup for this weeks event…STS aka Sugar Tongue SlimDice Raw

Johnny Popcorn ft. Ishe

Selina Carrera


Young Gliss


Fat Daddy Has Been

Dirt Mansion

Some incredible rock history was made in this iconic venue with amazing artists who graced the small, but significant, stage. Dobbs is such a legendary venue that a famous radio sound byte has Eddie Vedder talking about how he loved playing JC Dobbs with Pearl Jam. He gave a shout-out to the NEW JC DOBBS at a recent area Pearl Jam concert. It’s also the stage where the late, great Bo Diddley ripped through his signature rhythms.

Nirvana played here when they were a quartet and then twice again as a threesome, just before their album Nevermind’s explosive debut. Slash jammed with a local band in an impromptu Johnny-B-Good jam on Dobbs’ stage. Billy Corgin and Courtney Love hung out at the bar, as have members of the Smashing Pumpkins, The Breeders and L7.

Artists who made their Philadelphia debut at JC Dobbs include: Soul Asylum, Nirvana, Mother Love Bone, Indigo Girls, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, Green Day and The Offspring.

CHECK OUT FAT DADDY HAS BEEN!! Tuesday Aug 23, 2011 @ JC DOBBS 9:00pm to 930pm


About fatdaddyhasbeen

Daddy Has Been, a 7pc band from Newark Delaware, bridges the gap between different music genres. They have a sound untouched by many other bands in the scene and consistently break the mold of labels. The creative process is brought about by all of the members, including their three-piece horn section, allowing each person the chance to add a piece of their mind to the music. Given an opportunity to play in front of a live crowd, Fat Daddy Has Been does not disappoint. With their motivated stage performance and intense songs, they tear the crowd up leaving everyone wanting more.

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