Fat Daddy Has Been was scheduled to play the outside stage at The Rusty Rudder during the 2011 Dewey Beach Music Fest. The only trouble was, severe winds and torrential rains, literally destroyed the outside stage. All of the bands from the outside, were cancelled due to the fact that the bands inside, already had their performance times set. Thanks to some help from the band E9, and promoter Vicki Walls, Fat Daddy Has Been was able to secure a spot on the inside main stage, and play their 45 minute set as planned to a packed Rusty Rudder crowd.


About fatdaddyhasbeen

Daddy Has Been, a 7pc band from Newark Delaware, bridges the gap between different music genres. They have a sound untouched by many other bands in the scene and consistently break the mold of labels. The creative process is brought about by all of the members, including their three-piece horn section, allowing each person the chance to add a piece of their mind to the music. Given an opportunity to play in front of a live crowd, Fat Daddy Has Been does not disappoint. With their motivated stage performance and intense songs, they tear the crowd up leaving everyone wanting more.

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