Our staff here at Fatdaddyhasbeen.com were scouring the internet and stumbled upon an article that was posted on AtlanticCityWeekly.com The article explains how Delaware is profiting from the recently added table games and the “racinos” Interestingly enough Fat Daddy Has Been Pops up

As published by AtlanticCityWeekly.com via Delawareonline.com And in a last item, Delaware Online has a report that says that state’s racinos are off to a good start with table and poker games. But we couldn’t’ help noticing this quote from a 26-year-old poker player named Shane Engrem, who says he’s playing Delaware right now over A.C.<

“If they had something cool going on like [local hip hop/rock band] Fat Daddy Has Been, we’d come here for that in a heartbeat,” Engrem says. “Then it would be just like Atlantic City: gamble, drink and listen to good music and have a good time. Girls are sometimes scared to go gamble, but it would be different if they had that.”

Thanks Shane! appreciate you! Check out a double dose of Fat Daddy Has Been…
March 4, 2011 @ The Grape Room in Mannyunk
and March 5, 2011 @ Firestone in Wilmington De!!



About fatdaddyhasbeen

Daddy Has Been, a 7pc band from Newark Delaware, bridges the gap between different music genres. They have a sound untouched by many other bands in the scene and consistently break the mold of labels. The creative process is brought about by all of the members, including their three-piece horn section, allowing each person the chance to add a piece of their mind to the music. Given an opportunity to play in front of a live crowd, Fat Daddy Has Been does not disappoint. With their motivated stage performance and intense songs, they tear the crowd up leaving everyone wanting more.

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