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Fat Daddy Has Been recently raked up 4 homie awards from commercial radio station WSTW. The Band won Best Rapper, Best Hip-Hop Song (Summer Smile) Best Live Act, and Best Horn Section. The awards were presented live on the radio by Mark Rogers, one of the leading supporters of the Delaware/ Philly area music scene. This was a busy year for the band, as they toured to promote their album CANNOT KILL MY MUSIC, as well as prepped material for an upcoming album to be released later in 2011. Front man Marchitect said “It always feels good when the people pick up on what you’re laying down. This award is extra extra special, because it’s done by fan voting… meaning the people at home, still have our backs, and we really appreciate that!” Fat Daddy Has Been will be celebrating their recent victory with a show Friday February 18th at The Logan House (1701 Delaware Ave Wilmington De. 19806)

Fat Daddy Has Been is

Donny Merrill- Drums / Vincent Cirino- Bass / Steve Bailey- Guitar

Brie Allen- Saxophone /Andy Abrahams- Saxophone /John-Paul Jones- Trumpet

/ Marcus “Marchitect” Watkins- Vocals.


About fatdaddyhasbeen

Daddy Has Been, a 7pc band from Newark Delaware, bridges the gap between different music genres. They have a sound untouched by many other bands in the scene and consistently break the mold of labels. The creative process is brought about by all of the members, including their three-piece horn section, allowing each person the chance to add a piece of their mind to the music. Given an opportunity to play in front of a live crowd, Fat Daddy Has Been does not disappoint. With their motivated stage performance and intense songs, they tear the crowd up leaving everyone wanting more.

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